A summary and analysis of the available hydrological and geological data for the Aupouri Aquifer.
Published: 05 Apr 2016
A report on the investigation into the nature, quantity, quality and use of the water resources of the Aupouri and Karikari Peninsulas.
Published: 13 Oct 2014
An assessment of the Coopers Beach, Cable Bay and Mangonui groundwater resource.
Published: 08 Jul 2005
A hydrogeological review and groundwater numerical modelling assessment of the Maunu Maungatapere-Whatitiri aquifers,
Published: 03 Oct 2012
A national survey of pesticides in groundwater throughout New Zealand (ESR 2011).
Published: 03 Oct 2012
An assessment of the aesthetic water quality problems relating to high iron and manganese concentrations in the existing production bores.
Published: 01 May 2006
An assessment of the Russell groundwater resource.
Published: 07 Oct 2002
The Russell water resources survey report (1987)
Published: 14 Oct 2014
Summary table of the different groundwater investigations carried out in Northland's aquifers - key findings and recommendations.
Published: 03 Oct 2012