Aupouri Peninsula Water Resources Assessment (1991)

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Features of the study area
3.0 Climate
4.0 Groundwater investigation
5.0 Groundwater resources
6.0 Lakes and wetlands
7.0 Biological values of the freshwater wetlands within the Te Paki and Aupouri ecological regions
8.0 Streamflow
9.0 Consumptive water use and effluent discharges
10.0 Summary of findings


Appendix 1 - Selection of bore logs with location map
Appendix 2 - Bore hole construction logs for 9 drilled investigation sites
Appendix 3 - Physical and chemical results of lake sampling on the Aupouri and Karikari peninsulas
Appendix 4 - Criteria for, and ranking of, wetlands of special biological interest