Civil Defence

Whakamaru a rohe

In the event of a civil defence emergency situation in Northland the following facebook pages and websites will provide useful information for you.

Join the Northland CDEM Group's Facebook page:

Road closure information in Northland is available via: 

Tsunami evacuation zone maps and immediate evacuation information.
In an emergency situation, find information on road closures, evacuation routes and where to get assistance.
Find out how to prepare your home, family and business to cope with the type of emergency situations we have in Northland.
Information for communities on what to before, during and after a disaster has struck.
Find out how civil defence is managed in Northland.
Find out about community events and online resources to help you improve your knowledge.
Photos and brief summaries of natural events (i.e. floods and storms etc) that have impacted on Northland in the past.
Find out who to contact about civil defence and emergency management in Northland.
News and updates for those with civil defence connections.