Website Alerts via Email (when pages are added or changed)

What is this service?

You can register to receive updates from our website direct to your email inbox.

Every time we add information to the following sections of our site you will be sent an email with links in it to the updated information.

The pages we currently offer updates from include:

  • Agendas and minutes
    notification when council and committee meeting agendas are posted on the website
  • Northland Economic Quarterly newsletter
    regular updates on the region's economic performance and trends
  • The Chairman's Report
    monthly updates prepared by our Chairman for the council meeting agenda
  • Latest news
    news releases from us
  • Environmental education news
    local and national events for teachers or students
  • Have your say
    issues, projects or plans available for public comment
  • Job vacancies
    get sent an email when a job vacancy is advertised
  • Publicly notified consents
    get an email from us to notify you when a resource consent is publicly notified so you can have your say
  • Tenders
    find out about any work or contract we currently have open for tender
  • New Regional Plan
    keep informed on the development of the new Regional Plan
  • Hydrology climate report
    a monthly report prepared by our Hydrology team

You can choose to receive updates from all of these sections or just one.

Why would this be useful?

It will save you having to check our website to find out when news items have been added or when particular documents will be available for you to have your say.

How do I get this service?

Sign up to our Website Alerts Service via this link


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To unsubscribe

If you no longer wish to receive updates, please un-subscribe from the links in the last email alert that you received.