New Regional Plan

Proposed Regional Plan cover.

The Proposed Regional Plan sets out new rules and policies for how people use fresh water, land, air and the coast in Northland.

Hearings were held from late August to late October 2018. There were two separate hearings – one for genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GE/GMO) and one for all other matters.

It’s expected council will make its final decisions in April or May 2019.

Find information about the GE/GMO hearings

Find information about the hearings for all other matters


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Submissions and further submissions

The Proposed Regional Plan was notified in September 2017, with further submission notified March 2018.  During this time, over 400 submissions and further submissions were received.

- Download the Summary of Decisions Requested report (PDF, 4MB)

- View the submissions and further submissions (XLSX, 65KB)

Proposed Regional Plan and background documents

- Read the Proposed Regional Plan online

- Download the Proposed Regional Plan (PDF, 2.5MB)

- Proposed Regional Plan maps

- Minor corrections to Proposed Regional Plan September 2017 (PDF, 21KB)

- Section 32 Report (background report to the Proposed Regional Plan) (PDF, 2.86MB)

- Read the public notice

- Te Ture Whakamana ngā Iwi o Taitokerau - Statutory acknowledgments in Northland 
This compendium document contains information about all statutory acknowledgements contained in Treaty   settlement legislation for Northland, and is an attachment to the Proposed Regional Plan.

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Schedules, section 42A (recommendation) reports and background information for the Proposed Regional Plan hearings.
Information about the hearings for provisions in the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland for managing the use of genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms.
View the Proposed Regional Plan maps online.
Find out about the legal effect of rules in the Proposed Regional Plan.
Reports referenced in, and used to help prepare, the Proposed Regional Plan.
We have produced maps indicating the amount of water currently allocated to be taken.
Find out how we plan to monitor and enforce compliance with the permitted activity rules in the new regional plan.
Follow the project timeline for developing the new regional plan.
Read the draft Regional Plan and the feedback we received.
Find out more about the operative regional plans for Northland.
Stakeholder workshops and regional hui have helped inform the 10 year review of the regional plans.