10 year review of the regional plans

The 10 year review of the regional plans was completed December 2014.

Northland has three regional plans which set out policies and rules for the way the region's air, land, water and coast are used. These are:

These plans are now 10 years old. We've reviewed our plans to see how well they've performed and what improvements could be made. The review is a requirement of the Resource Management Act and is the first step in preparing the new Regional Plan.

Review reports

Air quality (PDF, 436KB)

Coastal water space (PDF, 333KB)

Hazardous substances and contaminated land (PDF, 332KB)

Infrastructure and mineral extraction (PDF, 391KB)

Marine ecosystems and biodiversity (PDF, 405KB)

Natural hazards (PDF, 357KB)

Significant natural and heritage values (PDF, 526KB)

Tangata Whenua participation in resource management (PDF, 424KB)

Water quality (PDF, 967KB)

Water quantity (PDF, 664KB)

Tangata Whenua Issues and Options - Report prepared by Keir Volkerling (PDF 539 KB) (PDF, 540KB)


A key part of the review was a series of workshops we held in October 2014 asking key stakeholders to share their ideas for the new regional plan.

Summary reports, workshop agendas and workshop presentations on each of these topics are available below. These documents are all in PDF format.

Consultation with Tangata Whenua

Three regional hui were held in Whangarei, Kaikohe and Kaitaia in November 2014, involving representatives from the district and regional councils. These hui focussed primarily on understanding the environmental issues of concern to tangata whenua and included discussion on the regional plan reviews.

The presentation and notes from the three hui are available under Regional Hui below.

We also commissioned a report from Keir Volkerling (PDF 539 KB) to identify tangata whenua resource management issues and options to address these issues.

Air Quality 

Workshop agenda - Air quality (PDF, 149KB)

Workshop presentation - Air Quality (PDF, 780KB)

Workshop presentation - Air quality - Risk based approach to agrichemicals (PDF, 76KB)

Workshop notes - Air quality (PDF, 19KB)

Coastal water space

Workshop agenda - Coastal water space (PDF, 164KB)

Workshop presentation - Coastal water space (PDF, 650KB)

Workshop notes - Coastal water space (PDF, 44KB)

Hazardous substances and contaminated land

Workshop agenda - Hazardous substances and contaminated land (PDF, 151KB)

Workshop presentation - Hazardous substances and contaminated land (PDF, 580KB)

Workshop notes - Hazardous substances (PDF, 28KB)

Infrastructure and mineral extraction

Workshop agenda - Infrastructure and mineral extraction (PDF, 149KB)

Workshop presentation - Infrastructure and mineral extraction (PDF, 820KB)

Workshop notes - Infrastructure and minerals (PDF, 29KB)

Marine ecosystems and biodiversity

Workshop agenda - Marine ecosystems and biodiversity (PDF 152KB)

Refer to the Significant natural and heritage values section for presentation and notes

Natural hazards

Workshop agenda - Natural hazards (PDF, 165KB)

Workshop presentation - Natural hazards (PDF, 421KB)

Workshop notes - Natural hazards (PDF,83KB)

Significant natural and heritage values

Workshop agenda - Significant natural and heritage values (PDF, 152KB)

Workshop presentation - Significant natural and heritage values  (PDF, 656KB)

Workshop notes - Significant natural and heritage values (PDF, 38KB)

Tangata Whenua participation in resource management

Workshop agenda - Tangata Whenua participation in resource management (PDF, 148KB)

Workshop presentation - Tangata Whenua participation in resource management (PDF, 416KB)

Workshop notes - Tangata Whenua participation in resource management (PDF, 35KB)

Water quality 

Workshop agenda - Water quality (PDF, 153KB)

Workshop presentation - Water quality (PDF, 1.8MB)

Workshop notes - Water quality (PDF, 122KB)

Water quantity

Workshop agenda - Water quantity (PDF, 155KB)

Workshop presentation - Water quantity (PDF, 729KB)

Workshop notes - Water quantity (PDF, 97KB)

Summary of topics 

Download a summary of the topics (PDF, 25KB)

Regional Hui

The meeting notes document contains the notes from the three Environmental Hui held in November 2014 and a summary of potential future joint initiatives for engaging with tangata whenua based on feedback from the hui.

Environmental Hui meeting notes - from the three regional hui (PDF, 110KB)

Environmental Hui presentation - Improving the way we manage Northland's environment (PDF, 1.46MB)

Regional plans review meetings - notes

In addition to the workshops, we met with other groups to get their feedback on the regional plans review. Notes from these meetings are now available to view on the 'Google docs' website:

Read the Regional Plans Review meeting notes

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