Regional Air Quality Plan

This plan applies to air in the whole of the Northland region, excluding the coastal marine area. The plan identifies the significant air quality issues and sets out policies and rules so that these will be managed. Air quality in the coastal marine area is managed through the Regional Coastal Plan for Northland.

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What sort of activities does the plan cover?

The Regional Air Quality Plan for Northland applies to all types of discharges to air. The following issues are covered by the plan: 

  • Agrichemical spray application
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Burning of fuel or waste
  • Odour
  • Industrial pollution
  • Dust

Why would you use the plan?

The rules in the plan apply different levels of regulation to all sorts of discharges to air. Many activities with minor effects are permitted. However, others require a resource consent or are prohibited. If you are involved in any activity that results in a discharge to air or have concerns about this type of activity, you need to know what the rules are.

Which areas in Northland are monitored?

Using research carried out by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), the Regional Council identified five areas in Northland which are suspected of reaching or exceeding the NES. The five airsheds in Northland include Whangarei City, Marsden Point, Kaitaia, Kerikeri and Dargaville.

Maps of the five airsheds in Northland are available online:

Status of the plan

The Proposed Regional Air Quality Plan for Northland was publicly notified in June 1995. Hearings were held in November 1997 with decisions on submissions released in May 1998. A number of appeals were made to the Environment Court.

The Regional Air Quality Plan was made fully operative on 1 August 2005.

Statutory Acknowledgements in Northland

Find the Statutory Acknowledgements in Northland – Te Ture Whakamana ngā Iwi o Taitokerau document

Plan Change 1 - Marsden Point Air Quality Strategy

This plan change was made operative on 1 December, 2008 and has now been included in the Operative Plan. 

Plan Change 2 - Backyard Burning

This plan change was made operative on 1 December, 2008 and has now been included in the Operative Plan.

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Report smoke nuisance

24/7 Environmental Hotline - Freephone 0800 504 639

Download your copy

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