Plans, Policy & Strategy

Information about all statutory acknowledgements contained in Treaty settlement legislation for Northland.
Council's annual plans.
Council's annual reports.
The Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan.
Our strategy for tackling climate change.
A 10-year plan outlining council's work for the next decade, and how it will be paid for.
User fees and charges, financial and submissions policies
Plans for flood risk reduction in Northland.
Governance documents for the Northland Regional Council.
Memorandum of Understanding.
The Marsden Point Air Quality Strategy.
The Moorings and Marinas Strategy plans how we will provide for mooring and marina space over the next 20 years.
Plans and reports relating to the management of pests and marine biosecurity.
Council's non-financial policies
Read our Proposed Regional Plan - Appeals Version, Regional Air Quality Plan, Regional Coastal Plan and Regional Water and Soil Plan.
The Regional Policy Statement for Northland covers the management of natural and physical resources in the Northland Region.
Interim accounts, Annual Reports and Statements of Intent for Regional Software Holdings Limited.
Action plan, rationale and approach for short, medium, and long-term resilience-building priorities for Northland.
Archived copies of council's Annual Plans, Long Term Plans, Annual Reports and policies.