FAQs – Annual charges for consents

Annual charges for consent holders are reviewed each year by council. Where there are major changes proposed, council follows the special consultative procedure outlined in the Local Government Act. Where the changes are minor, the public can still make a submission as part of the normal annual planning process.

Council formally adopts the User Fees and Charges each year at a full council meeting. Annual charges apply from 1 July to the following 30 June. Where a consent has been granted after 1 March, then the annual charge is not applicable. Please refer to the User Fees and Charges document for further information.

What is the administration charge for?

The minimum annual charge applies to most consents (it excludes bore permits and sewage discharge permits for individual dwellings). The annual charge covers some of the costs of operating and maintaining council’s consent-related information systems. Council is required to keep records of each resource consent granted and ensure those records are available to the public.

Why have I got this invoice – I haven’t even started the activity yet?

The minimum administration charge applies, even if the consent has not yet been exercised (that is, the activity hasn’t commenced).

What are all the charges for my water take for?

Charges for water take permits have three components:

  1. Administration charge (see above);
  2. Resource user charge (which is a contribution to operation of the region’s hydrometric network). The charge is dependent on the volume which is allowed to be taken – as stated in the resource consent document; and
  3. Water use return administration charge (this contributes to the data entry and upkeep of electronic systems and databases used to manage water takes).

I don’t need the consent anymore because the works are finished – what happens now?

Before council can credit the invoice, the resource consent must be surrendered in writing (this can be done by email to [email protected]). Please quote the AUT number.

By law the surrender must be in writing. Once we receive correspondence from you stating that you wish to surrender the consent, council will proceed with closing the file and reversing the invoice.

I don’t own the property anymore – what happens now?

If you have sold the property where the activity authorised by the resource consent is taking place, then the resource consent should be transferred to the new owner. Until the resource consent is formally transferred, the consent holder is legally liable for the annual charge.

To transfer the consent, request a consent transfer document from us (this can be done by email to [email protected]). Please quote the AUT number.