Compliance monitoring

We work with land managers, individuals and industry to ensure compliance with consents and protect the environment.

There are three key parts to our regulatory compliance work:

  • Compliance monitoring of resource consents
  • Responding to environmental incidents
  • Enforcing compliance with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), our regional plans and with national regulations and standards.

Our Regulatory Compliance Team enforces the RMA and does so by monitoring consents, checking activities comply with regional rules and using enforcement tools when conditions are breached.

We aim to ensure that activities involving water, air, land or coastal resources don’t negatively impact on the environment or put people’s health at risk.

Activities that we monitor include forestry, earthworks, dairying, wastewater treatment plants, dairy processing plants, timber mills and processing plants, stormwater management, on-site sewage systems, and water takes.

A report with details of compliance monitoring for resource consents.
A snapshot of our resource consent monitoring results and incident report statistics and enforcement action.
Compliance statistics from the 2010/11 dairy season to 2022/22.