Regional Coastal Plan

This plan covers the region's "coastal marine area", which is the area from mean high water springs to the 12 nautical mile (22.2 km) limit of New Zealand's territorial sea. The Plan assists us, in conjunction with the Minister of Conservation, to promote the sustainable management of resources in the coastal marine area.

See page 265 - Part IV of the Regional Coastal Plan to find the rules.

Regional Water and Soil Plan

The Regional Water and Soil Plan covers the effects of land use activities on water and soil in Northland above the line of mean high water springs.

This Plan is important for our region considering that we have 1.26 million hectares of land, 26,700 km of rivers and 3480 hectares of natural lake area to manage.

The Plan identifies the significant water and soil issues faced by Northlanders and seeks to address these through the policies and rules. It also proactively promotes a programme of environmental education, advocacy, information provision and advice.

See page 81 - Part V of the Regional Water and Soil Plan to find the rules.

Regional Air Quality Plan

This plan applies to air in the whole of the Northland region, excluding the coastal marine area. The plan identifies the significant air quality issues and sets out policies and rules so that these will be managed. Air quality in the coastal marine area is managed through the Regional Coastal Plan for Northland.

See page 63 - Part V of the Regional Air Quality Plan to find the rules.

Northland Pest Management Strategies

Regional Pest Management Strategies are action plans that describe why - and how - plant, animal and marine pests will be controlled in Northland. The Strategies aim to educate landowners and the wider public about the threats potential pest species pose and ways to stop these pests reaching Northland.

Resource consents

Our Regional Coastal Plan contains rules about different types of activities in the region. Anything not permitted by our Plan requires resource consent, like carrying out works on the coast.

Safe boating rules

We maintain and enforce navigation safety bylaws to ensure your safety when boating on our harbours and lakes.