Report a spillage on Northland roads

Effluent spilt during stock transportation can affect human and animal health as well as Northland’s environment.

Everyone involved in transporting stock, from farm to yards, and running and maintaining motor vehicles, has an important role to play in reducing spillage problems.

Why is stock effluent & fuel spillage an issue?

  • It can contaminate streams and ponds with viruses and bacteria, reduces oxygen in waterways and makes water unfit for drinking
  • It’s a health hazard for cyclists, pedestrians, road workers and other road users
  • It’s a safety issue, making roads slippery and dirtying vehicle windshields, helmet visors and cyclists’ glasses
  • It damages aquatic life – and our clean green image & road surface

What can you do?

To report incidents of stock truck effluent & fuel spillage or slippery roads, you can:

  • Call our 24/7 Environmental Hotline 0800 504 639
  • Call the State Highways Hotline 0800 111 655

Or you can complete the form online below.

Report the spill online