Background information

Background documents and reports for the Proposed Regional Plan.

Submissions and further submissions

The Proposed Regional Plan was notified in September 2017, with further submission notified March 2018.  During this time, over 400 submissions and further submissions were received.

- Download the Summary of Decisions Requested report (PDF, 4MB)

- View the submissions and further submissions (XLSX, 65KB)

Proposed Regional Plan and background documents

- Go to the New Regional Plan page to download the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland – Appeals Version
  The shading within this version indicates which provisions are subject to appeal to the Environment Court and therefore may change as a result of the appeals process.

- Download the Proposed Regional Plan (PDF, 2.5MB)

- Proposed Regional Plan maps

- Minor corrections to Proposed Regional Plan September 2017 (PDF, 21KB)

- Section 32 Report (background report to the Proposed Regional Plan) (PDF, 2.86MB)

- Te Ture Whakamana ngā Iwi o Taitokerau - Statutory acknowledgments in Northland 
This compendium document contains information about all statutory acknowledgements contained in Treaty settlement legislation for Northland, and is an attachment to the Proposed Regional Plan.

Background hearings information

Staff reply reports for hearing

The hearing reconvened at 6 November 2018 to receive the staff reply report. The staff reply report responded to matters raised at the hearing and recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan.

Council staff opening statements

Council staff prepared opening statements for the hearing.

Hearings evidence and written statements

Submitters provided evidence and written statements for the hearings.

Hearing Panel questions and responses

The Hearing Panel asked council staff questions about the Section 42A Reports.

Section 42A Reports

These staff reports responded to submissions and described recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan.

The recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan are shown in the document below:

The recommended changes to the Proposed Regional Plan map layers are shown in this map:

Open the online map - Proposed Regional Plan - Staff recommendations

The 'General approach' report provides an overview to the approach used for the S42A reports and addresses the more general submissions: