Council decision

There were two separate hearings – one for genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GE/GMO) and one for all other matters. This page has information about the hearings and council decision for all other matters - Go to the GE/GMO hearings information page

Council decision

Submitters had an opportunity to speak to the hearing panel until the hearing closed in October 2018. The hearing panel then wrote a report that made recommendations to Council on the provisions and submissions on the plan.

At is meeting on 16 April 2019, council accepted and adopted the recommendations of the hearing panel on decisions on provisions and matters raised in submissions (excluding GMOs).

Go to the council's meeting agenda (16 April 2019) online to see the recommendations

From 4 May 2019, the decisions version of the plan replaces the version notified in September 2017. 

Proposed Regional Plan for Northland – Decisions Version

Read the Proposed Regional Plan for Northland – Decisions Version (PDF, 6.6MB)

Online maps

Proposed Regional Plan Maps – Decisions version 

Hearing panel recommendations

The Council delegated to a Hearing Panel (Rob van Voortuysen, independent commissioner and chair, Joce Yeoman, NRC councillor and Miria Pomare, independent commissioner) the function of hearing the submissions on the Proposed Regional Plan and making recommendations to the council. The exception is the submissions seeking the addition of provisions for genetically modified organisms - the full council heard these submissions separately.

The hearings panel made recommendations in April 2019. 

Read the Report and Recommendations of the Hearing Panel for the Proposed Regional Plan (PDF, 1.25MB)

Proposed Regional Plan for Northland – Commissioners’ Recommendations Version (tracked changes) (PDF, 5.3MB)

Background information

Go to background information for the decision making process