These publications provide advice and guidelines for planting, soil conservation, farm tracks, culverts, and soil or rock map types.

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Results of an investigation into the effects of Cyclone Gabrielle on poplar in Northland.
Published: 12 Jan 2024
Guide to growing trees in Northland for protection, production and pleasure.
Published: 05 May 2013
A planters handbook for Northland natives including special plants for wetlands, coast and bird food.
Published: 04 Mar 2021
How to manage your riparian margins to improve water quality, freshwater life, bank stability and biodiversity values, as well as enhance your land.
Sustainable land management factsheet on using poplars and willows to prevent or control erosion
Published: 10 Jul 2012
Information to help landowners make best practice decisions on plantation forestry.
Published: 10 Mar 2021
Sustainable land management factsheet on controlling and preventing erosion.
Published: 09 Jul 2012
Guidelines for building culverts and rock ramps in small streams to assist freshwater fish migration.
Published: 22 Apr 2014
Sustainable land management factsheet on building and maintaining farm tracks
Published: 10 Jul 2012