Coastal hazard assessment reports

Coastal Flooding

Coastal flooding – bathtub model

Coastal flooding – hydrodynamic model

Coastal flood hazard zone levels

The assessed coastal flood levels for all sites (as per Appendix C Table 1 of the Tonkin and Taylor Coastal Flood Hazard Assessment Report). See the site index for the names of all sites assessed.

Coastal flood levels for Rangaunu and Kaipara have been modelled using a different method (hydrodynamic model) to that used by Tonkin + Taylor (bathtub model). Please refer to the council's Natural Hazard Team for a site specific coastal flood level generated from the modelling of these areas..

Coastal erosion

Coastal erosion site reports

These documents are from the Tonkin + Taylor Coastal Erosion Hazard Site Reports (Appendix A).

Site name Site number Site name Site number
Ahipara (PDF, 5.5MB) 30 Paihia (PDF, 3.5MB) 37
Baylys Beach (PDF, 3.8MB) 40 Pataua (PDF, 4.5MB) 8
Bland Bay (PDF, 3.2MB) 18 Rangiputa (PDF, 2.8MB) 28
Cable Bay (PDF, 3.8MB) 26 Ruakaka (PDF, 3.9MB) 3
Coopers Beach (PDF, 3.8MB) 25 Sandy Bay (PDF, 3.4MB) 12
Glinks Gully (PDF, 3.2MB) 41 Taiharuru (PDF, 2.8MB) 7
Hihi (PDF, 4.0MB) 24 Taipa Bay (PDF, 3.1MB) 27
Kaimaumau (PDF, 2.8MB) 39 Tamaterau (PDF 3.5MB) 33
Langs Beach (PDF, 3.3MB) 1 Taupo Bay (PDF, 3.3MB) 23
Long Beach (PDF, 3.3MB) 36 Tauranga Bay (PDF, 3.3MB) 22
Mangawhai Heads (PDF, 5.8MB) 32 Taurikura Bay and Urquharts Bay (PDF, 9.1MB) 44
Marsden Cove (PDF, 2.8MB) 5 Te Mimiha (Helena) (PDF, 2.8MB) 15
Marsden Point (PDF, 4.8MB) 4 Te Ngaere Beach (PDF, 2.7MB) 21
Matapouri (PDF, 3.6MB) 10 Te Ti Bay (Waitangi) (PDF, 3.2MB) 19
Matauri Bay (PDF, 3.2MB) 20 Tokerau Beach (PDF, 3.8MB) 29
McLeod Bay (PDF, 1.1MB) 43 Waipu Cove (PDF, 3.1MB) 2
Moureeses Bay (PDF, 3.2MB) 35 Whakapirau (PDF, 3.0MB) 42
Ngawai Bay (Teal) (PDF, 3.1MB) 14 Whananaki (PDF, 3.6MB) 13
Oakura (PDF, 4.1MB) 17 Whangaumu Bay (PDF, 2.8MB) 9
Ohawini (PDF, 4.1MB) 16 Whatuwhiwhi (PDF, 4.7MB) 38
Omapere and Opononi (PDF, 4.8MB) 31 Woolleys Bay (PDF, 2.4MB) 11
One Tree Point (PDF, 3.0MB) 6 Woolleys Bay extension (PDF, 2.4MB) 34

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