2002 State of the Environment Report

This is Northland Regional Council’s first State of the Environment report. It aims to inform both the Regional Council and public on the State of Northland’s environment, the human pressures acting on it, and the Council’s responses to environmental issues.

This report brings together information gathered by Northland Regional Council’s various monitoring programmes, including both State of the Environment monitoring and compliance monitoring required through the resource consent process. Information has also been included from organisations such as the Department of Conservation (DoC), and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

The content of the State of the Environment report is linked to the Regional Policy Statement for Northland. The Statement provides an overview of and direction for the environmental management of the region. To achieve this, it contains objectives, policies, methods and anticipated environmental outcomes. This report also aims to provide information for measuring the effectiveness of our policies.

This report does not aim to provide the solutions to specific resource management – rather it provides information to help with environmental decision making.