Tools and resources

Frost covered farm land.

Trees for the land

This publication draws together tree planting information and advice from a wide range of sources into one handy guide. It has been written specifically for Northlanders and recommends trees that will survive well in our sometimes demanding climate.

Trees for the land - a publication in our resource library

Planters handbook cover image.

A planter’s handbook for Northland natives

This handbook has been published to help readers decide which native plants to use on their land. The book does not include every native plant but provides a wide range that are readily available in local nurseries.

Northland natives plant guide - booklet in our resource library

Stones in a river bed.

Clean streams - a guide to riparian management in Northland

How to manage your riparian margins to improve water quality, freshwater life, bank stability and biodiversity values, as well as enhance your land. This booklet is filled with advice and help from many experts in land and water catchment management. 

Clean streams guide to riparian management - booklet in our resource library

Planted riparian area.

Getting riparian planting right in Northland

This practical ‘how to’ guide for riparian management covers planting and maintaining riparian zones for a sustainable and profitable dairy farm. It includes advice from industry and regional council experts.

Getting riparian planting right in Northland - a step-by-step guide on the Dairy NZ website

Fish culvert.

Fish-friendly culverts and rock ramps

Guidelines for building culverts and rock ramps in small streams to assist freshwater fish migration.

Fish-friendly culverts and rock ramps in small streams - guidelines in our resource library

Wetland area.

Looking after your wetland

This guide will help you restore existing wetlands – whether as a habitat for native plants and animals, as an attractive part of your property, or as a way to clean up your water supply. If you’re interested in creating a new wetland, you may also find this guide useful.

Looking after your wetland - a guide in our resource library