4. Solid Waste Management

Cars being crushed for recycling.


RPS objectives

  • To reduce the amount of waste produced and associated disposal needs.
  • To ensure that efficient and environmentally sound collection systems are available for the treatment and disposal of wastes.

Pressures and state

  • The volumes of solid wastes requiring disposal in the region are increasing.
  • No major landfills are operating in the region.
  • There has been a slight increase in the number of incidents of illegal rubbish dumping and smoke nuisance from backyard burning of rubbish, possibly associated with the introduction of user pays disposal fees.
  • Costs of transporting wastes outside the region for disposal are increasing.

Doing well

  • Increasing awareness of the effects of solid waste disposal has led to better disposal practices.
  • All substandard disposal sites have been closed.
  • Kerbside collection of recyclable materials is established in both Whangarei and Far North Districts, with substantial increases in the amount being recycled.
  • All monitored operational and closed landfills met their resource consent conditions for the last five years.
  • The Northland region has met the majority of targets in the New Zealand Waste Strategy where the target date has already been passed.
  • Have started the promotion of cleaner production schemes with local industry.

Areas for improvement

  • Currently there are significant numbers of Northlanders that do not have access to recycling facilities, particularly in the Kaipara District.
  • Continue to reduce the quantities of waste going to landfill, by increasing the amount recycled or reused.
  • As a region need to continue to work towards the targets in the New Zealand Waste Strategy.
  • Reduce the number of incidents of illegal waste dumping and burning.
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