4.4 Where to from here?

The following are key areas for future solid waste management in Northland:

· The Regional and District Councils will continue work to meet the targets of ‘The New Zealand Waste Strategy'. The emphasis will now be on working with businesses to promote cleaner production and waste minimisation. Until Kaipara District supplies recycling facilities we will not meet the target for 95% of Northlanders having access to recycling facilities.

· The Regional Council will continue to work with industries to promote cleaner production by identifying problem areas and assisting in providing solutions. Vehicle dismantlers and businesses with vehicle washing facilities will be completed by the end of 2007. The next industry to be targeted is boat builders.

· Central and local government will continue to raise public awareness about waste disposal and reducing rubbish, through regional and national campaigns such as the ‘reduce your rubbish' campaign (see below for more information).