GOOD TO KNOW, so you’re GOOD TO GO on the coast

Before you hit the beach or head out on the boat, check out tips, rules, and advice to stay safe and protect the environment.


Boating in Northland?

Check out our guide to boating in Northland – it contains everything you need to know to stay safe while enjoying Northland’s waters, including boating safety tips, tide information and local rules. Check out the guide

Jet skis, kayaks and paddleboards

If you own and/or use a jet ski in Northland, there are some things you need to know. This includes the need to register your jet ski, and the rules you must stick to when operating a jet ski. This is to keep yourself and others safe on the water. See more about Jet skis, kayaks and paddleboards

Driving on beaches

Play your part, stay safe and help us protect our dunes, beaches and birdlife. To find out what the rules are and who to contact if you see inappropriate vehicle use on a beach, go to our driving on beaches information.


Restrictions on fishing, diving, and anchoring in the Bay of Islands and beyond

A Controlled Area Notice (CAN) and rāhui have been put in place in Te Rāwhiti Inlet to prevent the spread of exotic caulerpa. It is illegal to fish, dive, or anchor in this area. Find out more about exotic caulerpa

All fishing – including recreational – is no longer permitted from Maunganui Bay (Deep Water Cove) to Oporua (Oke Bay), as well as around the Mimiwhangata peninsula. Find out more about the marine protection areas


Exotic caulerpa in the Bay of Islands

The invasive seaweed exotic caulerpa has been found in the Bay of Islands – this marine pest threatens native species and presents a risk to recreational, cultural, and commercial marine activities.

It can be easily spread via small fragments on anchors and anchor chains, as well as other marine equipment, such as dive gear or fishing lines. Find out how to help stop the spread

Clean hull rules

Northland has specific rules for managing the spread of invasive marine species via boat hulls. Check out our marine pest and pathway rules


Is it safe to swim? Decide with Safeswim

Find up to the minute information on water quality, tides, weather, physical hazards, and lifeguard patrols. Visit Safeswim