Flood protection infrastructure

In some areas, flood protection infrastructure helps reduce the risk to our communities from river flooding.

In areas most heavily impacted by flooding, we work closely with our communities through local river working groups to develop plans for reducing flood risk.

The groups include representation from our regional council, community members and tangata whenua, plus district councils and government agencies.

River flood protection infrastructure is grouped into ‘schemes’ that provide integrated management of river catchments. There are several flood protection schemes which are developed and managed by our council.

What we're doing to help protect Kaitaia and surrounds from the impacts of river flooding.
This project aims to reduce the impacts of flooding on Kaeo township and its people.
Find out about this project designed to reduce flooding in Whangārei's CBD.

Hopua te Nihoteatea detention dam in action - Video

We also do maintenance works on other rivers, such as the Kaihū River.

What's planned for flood protection infrastructure

The diagram below is a summary of the infrastructure works we're working towards for Northland. You can find more detail in the 'Infrastructure strategy' section of our Long Term Plan 2021-2031

Flooding infrastructure plan graphic - June 2021


Funding for infrastructure

In July 2018 we introduced a new regional Flood Infrastructure Rate, following public consultation on our Long Term Plan.

It will ease the burden for local ratepayers, who’ll only pay 30% towards the cost of the new upgrades, with the remaining 70% funded by ratepayers Northland-wide through the Flood Infrastructure Rate.

The 70/30 split means that schemes like Awanui become much more affordable at a local level for communities that must pay for flood infrastructure work, because we all chip in to help them.