Our region's most stunning natural feature is our coastline and harbours.
We have a number of roles when it comes for caring for our coast and harbours.
We monitor the coast in a range of areas such as swimming water quality, estuary health and coastal hazards.
Get involved to help map and reduce litter in our waterways.
Real time data for coastal water quality in the Waitangi Estuary, Bay of Islands and Hātea River, Whangārei Harbour
More information about key issues that impact on balancing the way people use our coast and how we take care of it for future generations.
Sustaining a beautiful coastline for all of us to use takes planning, rules and guidelines.
CoastCare is an opportunity to get involved in the management and protection of your local coastal area.
Find out what aquaculture is and how it is managed in Northland.
Rules and tips for driving on the beach and who to contact if you have a complaint.