Remove carbon

We will help restore a healthy balance to the atmosphere, by enhancing natural processes that capture and store carbon (such as growing trees and protecting wetlands) – and also benefit biodiversity and water quality.

These are our carbon removal goals, and the key activities we plan to undertake over the next three years.

Remove carbon flowchart

The path to removing carbon.

Ngā uaratanga | Our goals

Woman planting graphic. Native forest plantings remove carbon and bring co-benefits such as heathy waterways and biodiversity. Coastal blue carbon ecosystems are restored and protected as carbon sinks.
Woman and child with plants graphic. Our region is a leader in removing carbon through the protection, restoration and creation of natural carbon sinks such as wetlands, forests and coastal ecosystems.
Industry and plants graphic. Local manufacturing and heavy industry invest in technology to capture and store carbon, with any necessary carbon offsets invested locally to support carbon removal projects.
Cow on farmland graphic. On-farm practices are adopted that store carbon through plantings, soil improvement and forest management to help the primary sector manage emissions.
Marae graphic. Māori connection to land and sea is enhanced through restorative practices that help remove carbon from the atmosphere.
Ship, waves and sand graphic. Our region supports a thriving, innovative carbon removal economy on land and sea.

Ngā mahi | Our work

Woman and child with plants graphic. Adopt a carbon offset protocol for council that ensures high-quality carbon offset outcomes, including opportunities for investing in verified local projects for biological carbon removal.
Woman planting graphic. Support appropriate afforestation and on-farm land management programmes.
Coastal trees and waves graphic. Ensure existing and potential carbon sinks, such as coastal ecosystems, forests and peatlands, are well understood and have long-term management plans to enhance carbon storage.
Industry and plants graphic. Work with our regional economic development partners, industry and the primary sector to support carbon removal projects and attract investment in a high-performing, regional carbon removal economy.
Plants graphic. Protect and restore high-value carbon-storing ecosystems in alignment with our freshwater management and adaptation planning programmes, recognising the valuable co-benefits they provide.
Buildings and plants graphic. Use spatial planning to plan and optimise carbon removal opportunities and land-use change.
Woman on bike with plants. Help improve understanding of biological carbon storage in Te Taitokerau by supporting research, adopting methods and standards for biological carbon removal planning and regulatory processes, and supporting land-use change.