Reduce emissions

We will reduce carbon pollution by eliminating council’s use of fossil fuels in our operations and infrastructure, investing in renewable energy and zero-emissions technology, and encouraging our region to transition to a net-zero emissions economy.

These are our goals for reducing emissions, and the key activities we plan to undertake over the next three years.

NRC Emissions Reduction Plan

Where we are

Graphic displaying CO2 emissions.

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Where we are going

Graph displaying how NRC will reduce emissions and by when.

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Ngā uaratanga | Our goals

Man putting recycling in bin graphic. Our greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly reduced in line with Paris Agreement targets, and our region transitions equitably to a prosperous net-zero emissions economy and society.
Electric vehicle and wind farm graphic. Energy, land use and transport in our communities are swiftly transformed to enable equitable outcomes alongside emissions reductions.
Woman and child with plants graphic. Appropriate land uses are widely adopted that enable net-zero emissions and thriving rural communities.
Marae graphic. Our Māori communities are supported to ensure a tika (correct and fair) transition to a net-zero emissions future.
Industry and plants graphic. Local industry transforms to reach net-zero emissions, while supporting local employment and taking advantage of new opportunities for green jobs.

Ngā mahi | Our work

Office workers and tree graphic. Help the region achieve best-practice emissions reductions by providing scientific knowledge, spatial planning and regulatory processes, and supporting land-use change.
Industry and plants graphic. Develop a verified, accredited council ‘Climate-positive transition plan’, following UN Race to Zero criteria, which outlines clear steps to reach Paris-aligned targets, and includes an emissions reduction plan and carbon offset and removal strategy.
Office workers graphic. Use rigorous, best-practice carbon accounting, monitoring and verification processes to define a robust emissions profile for council.
Buildings and plants graphic. Investigate options and develop business cases for optimised council emissions reduction, including life-cycle emissions assessments.
Man putting recycling in bin graphic. Drive council behaviour change and energy efficiency to reduce emissions.
Ship, waves and sand graphic. Support and enable regional climate-positive initiatives, working with our economic development partners alongside industry and primary sectors, government agencies, communities and research centres.
Electric vehicle and wind farm graphic. Invest in appropriate zero-emissions assets and technology, including car, bus and boat fleets, buildings and other assets.
Bus, buildings and tree graphic. Work with communities to reduce emissions, e.g. providing efficient and accessible public transport, and supporting initiatives such as coastal shipping.