We will build the resilience of communities and natural systems so they can weather the current impacts, and the significant future effects, of climate change. Because we must be prepared to adapt, time and time again, to a changing climate.

These are our adaptation goals, and the key activities we plan to undertake over the next three years.

Adaptation goals and activities flowchart

The path to adaptation.

Ngā uaratanga | Our goals

Buildings graphic. Our regional economy is sustainable, strong and flexible, taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.
Kereru graphic. Māori cultural connections are strengthened, and indigenous knowledge systems supported.
Plants graphic. Our natural ecosystems thrive, adapting and maintaining ecosystem function and biological diversity in a changing climate.
Dune planting graphic. Our communities are resilient and thriving, and adapt to climate change impacts.

Ngā mahi | Our work

Plants graphic.


  • research, climate risk assessment and mapping
  • equitable adaptation approaches and help develop funding plans for adaptation responses
  • research to better understand the potential impacts on our natural environment, including freshwater systems, indigenous biodiversity and biosecurity, and develop appropriate monitoring and response programmes.
Office workers graphic. Lead the delivery and implementation of the Te Taitokerau Joint Climate Adaptation Strategy.
Kingfisher and flower graphic. Develop nature-based adaptation solutions for coastal management.
Buildings graphic. Focus our regional economic development on advancing initiatives that contribute to a climate-resilient economy.
Marae graphic. Engage with Māori on issues, or co-design programmes with Māori, and enable iwi-/hapū-led programmes.
Office workers and tree graphic. Work with district councils and communities to develop local adaptation plans, to enable a transition to appropriate land use and infrastructure.
Houses and plants graphic. Build a climate-smart economy by using spatial planning to align adaptation planning with regulatory plans and other strategic priorities.