Regional Policy Statement for Northland

The Regional Policy Statement (RPS) for Northland covers the management of natural and physical resources in the Northland Region, from Kaiwaka in the south, to Cape Reinga in the north, and out to the 12 nautical mile (22.2 km) limit.

The RPS provides the broad direction and framework for managing the region's natural and physical resources. It identifies significant resource management issues for the region and sets out how resources such as land, water, soil, minerals, plants, animals and structures will be managed.

Status of the plan

The Regional Policy Statement was made operative on 9 May 2016, except for:

     (a) Issue 2.6(g) and related parts of the explanation
     (b) Policy 6.1.2 and explanation
     (c) Method 6.1.5 and explanation

These provisions relate to the use of genetic engineering and the release of genetically modified organisms to the environment, and were made operative on 14 June 2018.

Statutory Acknowledgements in Northland

Find the Statutory Acknowledgements in Northland – Te Ture Whakamana ngā Iwi o Taitokerau document


The Regional Policy Statement maps show:

  • The coastal environment

  • Outstanding natural features

  • Natural character

  • Outstanding natural landscapes

View the Regional Policy Statement maps

The mapping methodology and worksheets describe how the Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Features, the Coastal Environment and Natural Character were assessed.

Find the mapping methodology and worksheets

How to get a copy of the Operative Regional Policy Statement for Northland

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Contact the Northland Regional Council office to order a copy of the Regional Policy Statement.

Freephone: 0800 002 004
Email: [email protected]

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