Mapping worksheets and methodology

The worksheets for the Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Coastal Environment in the Regional Policy Statement describe how each of these were assessed.  

The mapping methodology reports set out the methodolgy used to define the spatial extent of the coastal environment in Northland, how outstanding natural features were identified and areas of high and outstanding natural character were assessed and mapped.

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Coastal Environment - mapping methodology and worksheets

Download the Coastal Environment mapping methodology (PDF, 333 KB) 

Download the Coastal Environment worksheets (PDF, 1.68 MB)

Outstanding Natural Features - mapping methodology

Download the Outstanding Natural Features mapping methodology  (PDF, 170 KB) 

Natural Character - mapping methodology

Download the Natural Character mapping methodology (PDF, 1.10 MB) 

Worksheets for natural character are available upon request. The information from the natural character worksheets is also included in the GIS maps, and can be viewed by clicking on a mapped natural character area.  

Outstanding Natural Landscapes - mapping methodology and worksheets

Download the Outstanding Natural Landscapes mapping methodology (PDF, 2.7MB)

List of worksheets by landscape name

Use the alphabet links to find the name of the outstanding natural landscape then download the worksheet in PDF format.

Find landscapes beginning with:

A - D E - H I - M N - O P- S T - W

These files are all in PDF format. Use the link below to get Adobe Reader if you do not already have it installed.

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File Size

A - D

Bald Rock

803.0 KB

Bay of Islands

1780 KB

Bergin Point coast

794.8 KB

Bream Bay Ocean Beach

412.6 KB

Bream Head Manaia sequence

662.5 KB

Bream Tail coastal headland

416.9 KB

Brynderwyn Ranges and bush margins

500.7 KB

Bush-clad hills west Opua and Paihia

2290 KB

Cape Brett peninsula

1340 KB

Cape Karikari and South Coast

1690 KB

Cape Reinga_Cape Maria Van Diemen

1260 KB

Cavalli Island group

1370 KB

E - H

Eastern bush clad hills

216.0 KB

Eastern Moturuoa

1100 KB

Great Exhibition Bay including Parengarenga Spit

1600 KB

Henderson Bay and Rarawa Beach sandy coast

1300 KB

Henderson Point Rocky Coast

1630 KB

Herekino bush-clad hills

1580 KB

Hikurangi bush-clad range

432.3 KB

Hikurangi volcanic cone

281.6 KB

Horahora - Ngunguru River Inlet

401.5 KB

Hurupaki volcanic cone

791.5 KB

I - M

Inner Kaimaumau Wetland

1060 KB

Kai-Iwi Lakes

870.9 KB

Karakahuarua Rawhiti Points

1300 KB

Kauri Mountain bush

273.1 KB

Mahinepua area coast

1550 KB

Mangakahia Forest and bush margins

192.4 KB


1080 KB

Mangawhai Barrier Spit

327.5 KB

Mangonui Forest Range and Pekapeka Bay

1390 KB

Mangonui Harbour headlands

1040 KB

Mareretu Range

389.4 KB

Maunganui Bluff

659.3 KB

Maungaraho and associated bush

752.3 KB

Maungaru Range and remnants

609.0 KB

Maungataniwha Range

1860 KB


286.1 KB

Maunu volcanic cone

201.9 KB

Mimiwhangata Bay to Pareparea Bay

273.4 KB

Motutau Forest

291.4 KB

Mt Tiger

542.9 KB

N - O

Ngunguru Sandspit

245.0 KB

North Cape

711.5 KB

North East bush clad hills

348.8 KB

North Head Coast and Western Dune lakes

768.5 KB

North Head Dune lakes

314.2 KB

North River and Waipu Caves forests and remnants

443.2 KB

Off-Shore Islands

1250 KB

Ohaewai area volcanic field

2010 KB

Ohakiri_St Paul

1030 KB

Omahuta_Puketi bushlands

532.1 KB

Opito_Paroa coast

1003 KB

Oruaea Bay to Ngunguru River

596.8 KB

Otaika Valley bush to Te Wai-Iti Forest

618.6 KB

Outer Karikari Beach, Puheke and South Rangiputa Head

1720 KB

P - S

Parakiore volcanic cone

309.7 KB

Parekura headland and Orokawa peninsula

1370 KB

Parengarenga mouth to Hooper Point

795.1 KB

Pareparea Bay to Whananaki Inlet

406.0 KB

Parihaka and associated forest

632.8 KB

Parutahi Beach to Mimiwhangata Bay

603.3 KB

Perpendicular Pt to Greville Pt coast

1140 KB


289.6 KB


1270 KB

Pukekohe Hill Reserve

860.6 KB

Pukenui Forest

490.2 KB

Puketu Island

717.0 KB

Purerua Peninsula, Wairoa Bay to Rocky Point

1820 KB

Ruakaka Forest and Remnants

389.3 KB

Russell Forest and bush remnants

695.0 KB

Sentinal Rock Coast

822.2 KB

Spirits (Piwhane) Bay

2790 KB

Spirits Bay to Cape Reinga

832.7 KB

T - W

Taiharuru River Inlet

237.5 KB

Takahiwai Range

404.5 KB

Takou Bay Coast

805.0 KB

Tangihua Forest

388.6 KB

Tapeka Point

3250 KB


4880 KB

Tauroa peninsula dunefield and coastal flank

1000 KB

Te Kopua Point headland and Harbour Edge

323.3 KB

Te Pouahi headland

1500 KB

Te Whangai Head to Awarua Rock

601.4 KB

Tokatoka and associated bush

829.7 KB

Tokerau_Rangaunu wetland

1290 KB

Trounson Kauri Park

1040 KB

Tutamoe - Kaihu - Marlborough Forest

1170 KB

Twilight Beach_Kahokawa Beach dunefield and wetlands

1490 KB

Waikuku Beach to Tom Bowling Bay

598.8 KB

Waima Matarau bush-clad hills

1550 KB

Waipoua Forest and remnants

1050 KB


1310 KB

Waitangi Treaty Ground

894.1 KB

Warawara Forest ranges

1410 KB

West Coast Ocean Beach

818.2 KB

Whangarei Heads ocean beach

348.2 KB

Whangaroa Harbour headlands

1260 KB

Whangaruru Harbour margins

650.4 KB

Whangaruru North Head and north of Whangaruru

611.7 KB