Submissions policy

Here you’ll find some useful information and our policy on making a submission under the Local Government Act, or on any voluntary consultation we do.

During a consultation process, we can receive hundreds of submissions through multiple channels – e.g. via our online portal, an email or a hardcopy. As part of each consultation process, staff need to present all submissions concisely to the decision makers so they can do just that – make decisions.

Submissions generally contain some form of personal information and it’s our policy to publish these on our website so that we’re proving a transparent process for decision making. We want submitters to know that we do this so that their personal information isn’t unknowingly disclosed.

Submissions sometimes include topics that are not specific to the consultation and are therefore considered ‘out of scope’. While all submissions are considered by decision makers – these follow a slightly different process.

Finally, when calling for submissions we do so over a specified timeframe, which forms part of a longer decision-making process. Submissions received after the timeframe can present challenges to the fairness and timeliness of decision making, and to administrative/management procedures.

Download the full policy below.