Biosecurity Operational Plan 2020-2021

The Northland Regional Council (council) is the management agency responsible for developing and implementing the Northland Regional Pest and Marine Pathway Management Plan 2017-2027 (the Pest Plan) in accordance with the Biosecurity Act 1993.

The Pest plan is a combination of the eradication or effective management of specified pests or groups of pests, and a marine pathway plan which is designed to prevent and manage the spread of harmful marine organisms via boat hull fouling within Northland coastal waters.

The Pest plan describes the biosecurity activities that will be undertaken throughout Northland and outlines the management or eradication of specific organisms and/or marine pest pathways. Doing so will:

  • minimise the actual or potential adverse or unintended effects associated with these organisms and/or pathways; and
  • maximise the effectiveness of individual actions in managing pests or pathways through a regionally coordinated approach.