4.5 What can you do to help?

There is a lot you can do in your home, business and school to reduce the amount of waste you produce that enters a landfill. There are three main ways to reduce the amount of waste:

· Reduce the amount of waste that you buy. Check whether a broken appliance can be fixed rather then just buying a new one. Buy products with less packaging or more product in relation to the packaging. For example, buy a 2 litre of milk rather than two 1 litres and avoid fruit and vegetables that have excessive packaging.

· Reuse as much as you can. For example, use reusable products such as reusable shopping bags (available cheap at supermarkets) instead of plastic bags and use a washable plastic container for sandwiches instead of lunch wrap. Donate containers to local schools and kindergartens for crafts and plant pots to nurseries set up by landcare groups. Use waste paper as scrap/note paper.

· Recycle as much as you can. Buy products that are made with recycled materials and/or that are recyclable. Have a compost or worm farm at home for organic material including food scraps and garden waste.

The Government campaign "Reduce your rubbish" has a website with excellent ideas for reducing the amount of waste you produce.

Check it out: www.reducerubbish.govt.nz

A new website developed by the Ministry for the Environment on sustainability, provides basic information on rubbish reduction for households.

Check it out: http://www.sustainability.govt.nz/rubbish/


For more information on composting and worm farming refer to the brochure available on the following page of the Regional Council website or contact any of the council offices:


Silage wrap collection scheme

The Regional Council has also recently started up a silage wrap collection scheme in coordination with other organisations. For more information refer to the following page of the regional council website or contact any of the council offices.