Public transport fares to change from 01 July

22 Jun 2023, 12:29 PM

Public transport fares in Northland are changing from Saturday 01 July.

From Saturday 01 July fares revert to full price. Public transport services across New Zealand have had half price fares as part of central government’s temporary transport cost reduction package, but that ends on 30 June.

The change means adult fares on Whangarei’s CityLink network will revert to $2 on 01 July and child fares to $1.

Fares on BusLink routes across the rest of the region vary; all fare and timetable information is at:

Northland Regional Councillor Joe Carr, who chairs Northland’s Regional Transport Committee, says from 01 July concessions are available under the national Community Connect programme for the following groups:

  • Children aged 0-12 travel free
  • Young people age 13-24 travel for half price
  • Community Services Card holders (all ages) travel for half price

All CityLink passengers must have a BeeCard to access the discounts and free BeeCards will be available from Whangarei’s Rose Street bus station for a limited period.

If passengers have an existing Bee Card, they can use that one and if the card is registered, children and young people do not need to apply for the concession, it will be automatically loaded. Community Services Card holders, however, need to apply.

Passengers need to be aware that cash fares on CityLink services are not eligible for the discount and will pay the full fare.

Councillor Carr says CityLink passengers with a Community Service Card need to load their concession onto their BeeCard. They can find out how to do this at:

BusLink passengers with Community Service Cards (CSC) need to have their CSC card with them when they travel on the bus.

Councillor Carr says from 01 July children aged 0-12 travel free. Infants aged 0-4 travel free and do not need a BeeCard.

“If your child aged 0-12 has money loaded onto their BeeCard then they will need to use this up prior to 01 July 2023 as the system is not able to offer refunds.” (After 01 July, they travel for free.)

On BeeCard services, children and young people aged 5-24 must travel using a BeeCard.

From 01 July young people aged 13-24 travel for half price.

Councillor Carr says fares on BusLink services vary, while CityLink has a child fare of $1.

“The breakdown for CityLink passengers is:

  • Infant 0-4 (No cost, no card)
  • Child 5-12 (No cost, need a BeeCard)
  • Teenager 13-18 (half the child fare, need a BeeCard)
  • Young adult 19-24 (half the adult fare, need a BeeCard).”

More information on the concessions is available at for CityLink passengers and for BusLink passengers.

Councillor Carr and the Transport team recognise that this is a lot if information and would like to assure passengers that the team is here to help.

“If passengers would like further assistance, please call the Northland Regional Council on (0800) 002 004 and ask for the Transport team.”

CityLink bus approaching a bus stop with passengers waiting.