Winter earthworks, burning advice

6 Jul 2023, 9:08 AM

The Northland Regional Council is urging people to burn considerately and avoid earthworks over the winter months.

Council Chair Tui Shortland says anyone wanting to undertake earthworks over winter should contact the council first for advice.

“Typically, it’s not recommended to do any earthworks over the winter months since the ground is wet and the soil does not compact very well. It’s best to leave earthworks to warmer and drier months of the year.”

Similarly, she says people should seek council advice at any time where a property could be subject to a flood hazard zone, on erosion prone land, close to a wetland or in proximity to a waterway.

“Please ensure you have appropriate erosion and sediment control measures in place before doing any earthworks.”

Chair Shortland says people wanting to do earthworks can contact the council at [email protected]

Meanwhile, the council says people living within the Whangārei airshed need to follow specific rules for backyard burning. The Whangārei airshed boundary includes most of the Kamo, Tikipunga, Morningside, Central Whangārei, Otangarei, Raumanga, Maunu and Onerahi areas.

People burning anywhere else in Northland must not cause a smoke nuisance beyond the property boundary, even in rural areas.

“In Northland, you are only allowed to burn untreated wood, paper, cardboard or vegetation. Materials such as plastic, rubber, carpet or treated timber must not be burned.”

Chair Shortland says people must ensure they do not cause a smoke or odour nuisance outside their boundary. “This is already a common policy of iwi and hapu.”

She says more information about the rules around burning – and ways to dispose of waste without burning – is available from

Burning vegetation and thick smoke.

File shot: Burning vegetation.