Lisa Forester wins national award for native plant conservation

13 Dec 2022, 1:37 PM

Lisa Forester, Northland Regional Council’s Biodiversity Manager, has won the “Individual Involved in Plant Conservation” Award from the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network (NZPCN).

Lisa was presented with her Award at the NZPCN Annual Plant Conservation Awards ceremony held in Queenstown on 06 December 2022.

The awards acknowledge outstanding contributions to native plant conservation so Lisa’s success in the Individual category is a hugely well-deserved accolade.

Council Chair Tui Shortland says Lisa’s knowledge of Te Taitokerau’s plant world is legendary.

“She has been an advocate for wetlands, gum lands, dune lakes, rare and threatened plants for over 40 years and instrumental in the protection of biodiversity in the Northland region.”

Lisa is a fabulous mentor and teacher, always taking time to teach others and loves to share her knowledge with agency staff, iwi, and the wider community.

“She has an important influence on the plant world in Northland and shares their respect and passion for Te Ao Māori, incorporating it into her everyday life.”

Chair Shortland says as Biodiversity Manager Lisa is well placed to lead and influence a team to achieve sustainable outcomes in CoastCare, biodiversity, and water quality.

“Lisa has made a large contribution of 1900 specimens to the Auckland Herbarium collection and has played a part in discovering many unusual plants in Te Taitokerau. She has also written and contributed to many articles and papers on plants and forest health.”

With a fondness for Northland’s dunes lakes, Lisa has helped improve the public appreciation and understanding of these incredibly special places. Her advice on their restoration, delineation, and biosecurity continues to be crucial in their protection.

Lisa Forester with certificate and painting.

Biodiversity Manager Lisa Forester with an original painting of an extinct mistletoe, Trilepedia adamsii, last collected in the 1950's. She gets to keep the picture for a “couple of years” as part of her prize.