New Waipu EV charger expands Northland’s network

10 Nov 2021, 10:09 AM

A new fast electric vehicle (EV) charger at Waipu is the latest in Northland’s network and plugs a gap in a key location for motorists travelling both north and south.

Supporters and EV users have welcomed the new station, especially given the high ownership of EVs in the wider area.

Three people by EV charger.Whangarei Mayor and EV user Sheryl Mai, left, Northland Regional Council Climate Change Working Party Chair Amy Macdonald and Langs Beach-based council collegue Rick Stolwerk check out the new Waipu charger.The $68,000 project was jointly funded by the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) and EV charging network, and supported by the Northland Regional and Whangarei District Councils and Northpower.

Councillor Amy Macdonald, chair of the regional council's Climate Change Working Party, says the NRC is keen to support improvements to the region’s electric vehicle charging stations as a practical part of its commitment to climate action.

“Council envisages a region that’s resilient in a changing climate and transitions proactively and equitably to a thriving net-zero emissions society before 2050. Encouraging use of electric vehicles is one of the ways we can help achieve this.”

The Whangarei District Council provided two parking spaces, the License to Occupy, painted the parking spots and signage, while Northpower worked closely with NRC to find an innovative engineering solution to help deliver this project on budget.

Councillor Macdonald says the 50kW DC fast charger compares favourably to the 3kW AC chargers Whangarei residents may already be familiar with in the city’s Water St carpark.

A recent visit by an NRC staff member in a Nissan Leaf had seen the vehicle's charge increase from 50 percent to 80% in just 11 min at a cost of $3.52.

The new charging station – located outside the Waipu Museum – will be the seventh in the Crimson Coast EV highway, with others located at Kaikohe, Kerikeri, Coopers Beach, Pukenui, Paihia and Waitiki Landing. You can locate EV charging stations from or the plugshare or ChargeNet apps.