Consents for new 130-berth Whangarei marina granted

20 Sep 2019, 11:55 AM

An independent commissioner has granted permission for a new 130-berth marina – including a more than 4500 square metre reclamation – off Whangarei’s Port Rd.

Applicant the Whangarei Harbour Marina Management Trust had applied to both the Northland Regional and Whangarei District Councils in March last year for a raft of more than a dozen consents collectively required for the proposed marina.

The applications were heard on behalf of the two councils by independent hearing commissioner Dr Rob Lieffering in Whangarei in early August.

The application was publicly notified in early September last year, attracting 10 submissions; two opposed and eight in support.

In a recently-released decision running to more than 60 pages, Dr Lieffering grants consents for the marina, finding it would provide ‘significant positive effects, not only for Whangarei but also the wider Northland region’.

Provided the consent conditions he imposed were met, Dr Lieffering says the actual and potential adverse environmental effects from the marina will be ‘minor and acceptable’. (The conditions include some volunteered by the applicant to ensure construction effects and the ongoing marina operation don’t adversely affect an existing adjacent boatshed.)

The key components of the proposal include a maximum 130 berth marina and a 4550 sq m reclamation, the latter atop which a marina building and parking would be constructed.

An estimated 100 to 150 piles and associated floating marina piers, berths and associated utilities will be built, as well as a rock retaining wall along the marina basin’s western side. A formed public access along the eastern edge of the reclamation will link with the existing Hātea Loop walkway.

Of the consents granted by Dr Lieffering, those needed for – and relating to – the marina’s construction are valid until end of July 2029, with the consents for the marina proper valid until the end of March 2054.

The commissioner’s decision is subject to appeal for 15 working days. His full decision – including details of all the conditions – is available online at