Hydrographic survey data

The latest hydrographic surveys of the the Hātea and Kioreroa Reach channels have been completed in 2020.

The hydrographic surveys for Kerikeri Inlet were carried out in September 2017.

Both surveys were completed by Discovery Marine Limited, to the latest survey standards. They are provided for information only.

The depths details are at Chart Datum, so are the lowest expected soundings during normal atmospheric and tidal conditions. Predicted tide height should be added to these soundings to provide the water depth.

Note that both these areas are subject to sedimentation, so soundings and associated banks can change and move over time, and particularly after heavy rain events.

Hātea River and Whangarei Wharves - July 2020

Hātea River post-dredge survey report

Hātea post-dredge images 2020

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