Kayaks and paddleboards

Our maritime guideline publications provide an outline of essential basic safety advice for kayaks and paddleboards as well as guidelines for those whose business rents (hires) or provides kayaks as part of an accommodation package (reward).

Before heading out on the water, for your own safety we recommend you seek advice from instructors and experienced kayakers and paddleboarders, and complete a safety course.

Man paddling kayak.Kayak safety guidelines

See our Kayak safety guidelines for more information on what you need before heading out on the water, and what to do once you are out there. 


Surfing on paddleboard.Paddleboarding safety guidelines

Read the Paddleboarding safety guidelines for information on paddleboard surfing, long distance paddling and general guidelines. 


Family kayaking.Providing kayaks for hire or reward

If you are offering or providing a kayak as part of your service, or specifically for hire, then you are responsible for the safety of the people going out on the water. Find the Providing kayaks for hire or reward: guidelines and advice

If in doubt, don't go out!