Key bylaws for jet skis

Lifejacket/personal flotation devices
Lifejackets/personal flotation devices must be worn at all times when operating a jet ski.

Maximum of 5 knots when:

  • within 50 metres of another vessel, craft or person (i.e. no wake riding close to vessels)
  • within 200 metres of shoreline
  • within 200 metres of vessel/craft flying the white and blue dive flag
  • someone is sitting with their legs/arms hanging over the edge of the boat (bow riding)
  • inshore of yellow buoys marking the 5 knot area.

Do not obstruct access to any wharf, landing place, boat ramp, slipway, mooring, ferry lane or shipping channel.

Flagged areas
Set aside for swimming and may not be used for other purposes (red and yellow flags).

A person must be 15 years or over to navigate any powered vessel capable of speeds over 10 knots, e.g. personal watercraft (jet skis).

Remember it takes three to ski (driver, observer, skier). No skiing between sunset and sunrise, in the hours of darkness.

A lookout is required when towing any person. The lookout must be 10 years or older.

For further information on bylaws, please see our Navigation Safety Bylaw 2017