Primary Sector Liaison Group

Te Rōpū Takawaenga ki Te Rāngai Mātāmua

Learn about the Primary Sector Liaison Group and its report on the draft Freshwater Plan Change.

The Primary Sector Liaison Group (PSLG) was set up to provide us with detailed advice from the primary sector for developing the Freshwater Plan.

The PSLG is made up of representatives from primary sector industry organisations (e.g. Fonterra, Dairy NZ, Federated Farmers, Beef & Lamb NZ, Northland Wood Council and Horticulture NZ).

The PSLG has prepared a report that outlines the current and future challenges and opportunities for the primary sector in Northland. The group developed a vision for the draft Freshwater Plan Change to help ensure:

  • the importance of the primary sector to Northland’s economy is recognised
  • the industry can thrive, and
  • appropriate land use is provided for.

The group also provided advice on objectives and measures to improve freshwater.