Setbacks and stock exclusion

Ngā whenua ka rāhuitia me te aukatitanga kararehe pāmu

The Freshwater Plan Change will set a direction for improving the health of freshwater in Te Taitokerau.

We have a good understanding of what we need to do to improve our freshwater. One of the most effective tools we have to manage sediment, E.coli and improve freshwater habitats is keeping stock away from waterways and wetlands – as part of the draft plan change we also set out options for managing livestock access to highly-erodible land as a way to reduce sediment loss to fresh and coastal waters.

The more we do, the greater the environmental benefits – but the higher the costs for landowners.

During consultation on the draft Freshwater Plan Change, we asked you for your input on what the rules for setbacks and stock exclusion should be.

While feedback has now closed, the Have Your Say on Stock Exclusion document is available for your information:

Download The Draft Freshwater Plan Change: Have Your Say on Stock Exclusion (PDF 1.37 MB)