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Economics of land use change

Historically, clearance of shrub and bush to create productive pastoral land was promoted as a boost to Whangarei’s economic development. This led to a large amount of very steep marginal hill country being cleared of all vegetation which in turn created severe erosion issues on this land.

Land use change from marginal grassland to more sustainable land uses (i.e. native vegetation or forestry) plays a key role in Northland’s fight against hill slope erosion and can be more economically viable in some situations.

Research suggests that economic returns on marginal hill country can be minimal at best, and switching to more sustainable land use options could be more beneficial, both to your business and the environment.

Support is available for landowners who are planting to reduce erosion. Find out more on our 'Grants for planting on erosion-prone land' page.

Slipping on Whangaripo clay hillsides following a major storm. Land use change plays a key role in Northland’s fight against hill slope erosion.