Fire Permits and Restrictions

Can I light a fire?

Fire restrictions and permits are managed by Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

To find out if you can light a fire, go to Can I light a fire? then go to Check & Apply. Use the online form to see if there are restrictions in your area, or if you'll need a permit.

  • During a fire ban you are not allowed to light fires or burn outside
  • During a restricted fire season, you must apply for a permit. Even with a permit the rules still apply

Northland Regional Council does not issue fire permits – go to to apply for a permit.

More information about air quality rules

Our Regional Air Quality Plan says what you can and what you can’t burn, what needs a resource consent and what is prohibited.

Go to the Regional Air Quality Plan and information


Those found breaching regional rules may face enforcement action and this can include being issued with an instant fine of up to $1,000.