Consent forms and fees

The Application Form for Resource Consent needs to be printed, completed and signed, then returned to the Northland Regional Council. All forms on this page are in MS Word format.

All Assessment of Environmental Impact (AEE) forms can be downloaded to your computer and filled in off-line. They can then be emailed to us at:

Application forms - resource consent and bores

Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)

Surface water 

To take or use surface water (from a river, stream, lake, spring or dam) 


To take or use groundwater 

Dams or weirs

To construct, use or repair a dam or weir

Beds or banks of a water body

To carry out works in the beds or banks of a water body 

Minor earthworks

For minor earthworks 

Discharge to land (treated effluent)

To discharge treated effluent to land  

Discharge to water (animal wastewater) 

To discharge animal wastewater to water 

Swing and pile moorings

For swing and pile moorings 

Minor coastal activity

For a minor coastal activity 

General activities

For general activities

Affected person's written approval form

Use this form when you are obtaining written permission from potentially affected parties.


Submission form

Electronic submission

If you wish to make an electronic submission, please download the submission form (MS Word format) and save it to your computer. Complete the form and email a copy to us at:

Note to Submitter: If you make an electronic submission, you still must serve a copy of your submission on the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable after you have served your submission on the Council.

Transfer forms - resource consent and moorings

Transfer of Resource Consent form 
Please contact the Consents team to request a Resource Consent Transfer form.

Transfer a Mooring form
Please contact the Maritime team to request a Mooring Transfer Form.

Phone: 0800 002 004

More information on transferring moorings is available in our Moorings and Marinas section.

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