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If you want to find out how the Council works, who makes the decisions about where your rates are spent and what key projects we are working on, this is a great place to start.

How we work, our structure and the services we provide to you.
Our commitment to you what you can expect as our customer.
Find your local councillor, and how to contact them.
Information about our council, committees and working parties.
Find information on the 2016 local government elections in Northland.
Electoral donations and expenses returns for the Te Hiku By-Election 2015 candidates.
Electoral donations and expenses returns for Northland Regional Council candidates 2013.
The results of our residents' satisfaction survey.
Find out about any work or contracts we currently have open for tender.
Find out about official information requests and our online request form.
Operational and governance documents for the Regional Council.
We have collated a number of resources to assist with any media queries.
Guidelines for downloading and using the Northland Regional Council's logo.