Ngā Mahere Iwi/Hapū mō ngā Take Taiao — Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plans

Applications for 2023 have closed.

An Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plan (IHEMP) is a resource management plan developed by a hapū, iwi, or iwi authority. These plans are holistic documents that set out environmental and resource management planning issues, objectives, policies, plans, and/or methods of concern and interest to tāngata whenua in their rohe.

IHEMPs may also contain information relating to specific cultural values, cultural monitoring frameworks, historical accounts, and descriptions of areas of interest (hapū/iwi boundaries/rohe) and consultation/engagement protocols for resource consents and monitoring, plan changes, and matters of significance for tāngata whenua.

Importance of Iwi/Hapū Environmental Management Plans

IHEMPs recognised by an Iwi Authority provide a mechanism for tāngata whenua interests to be considered in council decision-making. Regional and district councils must always balance competing interests. However, specific legislative obligations under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) require councils to take into account iwi/hapū planning documents such as IHEMPs.

Reflecting the strong commitment of Northland Regional Council (NRC) to partnership with tāngata whenua, the Regional Policy Statement for Northland describes policies relating to the kaitiaki role of tāngata whenua and to Treaty of Waitangi principles including partnership. IHEMP preparation is part of being involved in resource management, provides a foundation for partnership with Northland Regional Council, and supports the exercise of kaitiakitanga by tāngata whenua. 

Additionally, the Proposed Regional Plan states that a resource consent application must include, in its environmental effects assessment, an analysis of likely adverse effects of an activity on tāngata whenua and their taonga. Among other things, the analysis must have regard to any relevant planning document — e.g. IHEMP — recognised by an iwi authority.

New funding available - climate change adaptation planning component

NRC has allocated significant funds for this financial year for the development, review and update of IHEMPs that incorporate a climate change adaptation component as a key area of focus. The total grant amount available for any one application is up to $20,000. These funds will be available for the duration of NRC’s Long Term Plan.

Hapū, iwi or other legal or operational tāngata whenua entities may apply for a grant from this fund if they wish to develop a new IHEMP, or review or update an existing IHEMP. To be eligible for funding, the completed plan must include a climate adaptation planning component.

Later this year, a further fund will be available that focuses on practical implementation of community initiatives to build climate change resilience. This could, for example, involve direct assistance to Māori communities in need who may be exposed to climate risk or may have particularly vulnerable populations and/or assets. Entities having IHEMPs with a well elaborated climate change adaptation component will be eligible as a matter of priority for these funds.

For further information and to register your interest for funding that focuses on tāngata whenua led initiatives to build climate resilience, email: [email protected]

Application criteria

Funding will only be granted where:

  • The applicant is an established legal or operational tāngata whenua entity such as a marae committee, hapū trust, iwi authority, or a consultant contracted to act on the entity’s behalf.
  • The IHEMP deals with a range of environmental management planning issues, objectives, policies, plans, and/or methods of concern and interest to tāngata whenua in the rohe.
  • The applicant presents climate change-related issues, objectives, policies, plans, and/or methods for funding consideration.
  • Evidence is provided of endorsement from the tāngata whenua entity for whom the plan will be prepared.
  • There is demonstrated confidence that the relevant iwi authority will recognise the completed plan prior to its lodgement with NRC (such recognition is required under the RMA).

Applicants must agree to:

  • Allow NRC the opportunity to review a draft version of the plan before it is formally lodged.
  • Formally lodge the final IHEMP with NRC.
  • Allow NRC to make an electronic copy of the IHEMP publicly available on its website.

Application criteria document

For a full description of the fund and the application criteria, download:  

IHEMP Climate Adaptation Planning Fund Application Criteria document (PDF 977 KB)

How to apply

Application forms will be available from here when the next round of funding opens.

Need help?

If you need more information or help, please contact:

Julian Hansen, Kaiārahi Kaupapa Māori — Senior Māori Technical Advisor, Northland Regional Council
P: 0800 002 004 | E: [email protected]