Environment Fund

Helping with the cost of projects that protect Northland’s environment – like improving water quality and erosion control.

What is the Environment Fund?

We can contribute towards the cost (subject to criteria) for projects like:

  • Fencing off rivers, streams, drains, wetlands and coast
  • Fencing for soil conservation / erosion control and land retirement
  • Riparian planting
  • Dune restoration
  • Pest control - see the Bio-fund information

Who can apply?

Funding can be allocated to individuals and voluntary groups for eligible projects; this may include landowners, community and conservation groups, local Māori groups and schools.

Kaipara catchment funding

If you are a landowner in the Kaipara catchment your funding stream has moved from the Northland Regional Council’s Environment fund to the new Kaipara Moana Remediation (KMR) Programme.

However while this new KMR entity is getting set up, you can still express your interest for future funding by completing the online form. Your details will then be passed onto the new entity once established.

Register your interest for funding online

Important things to know

  • There are funding caps – based on the size of the property. Funding for lifestyle blocks below 10ha is discretionary only, based on the issue to be managed.
  • Planning to fence off waterways? Make sure there’s an alternative stock water source before you apply for funding.
  • You can’t apply retrospectively for funding of projects you’ve already started/completed.
  • Funding is allocated based on the relative merit of the project (it’s not first in first served).
  • Projects must be of long-term benefit to the local environment and show evidence of good resource management/good farming practice.
  • Projects designed for personal or commercial profit, required under resource consent or simply to beautify a site, are not eligible for funding.
  • Boundary fencing will not be funded, unless the fence is designed to keep livestock out of a waterway which is on the property boundary.
  • There’s a limit to the number of grants you can get in successive years.

Contact us to apply

If you think your project might qualify for funding, contact us.

Our land management staff will help clarify eligibility for funding and take you through the process. 

Get in touch with one of our land management team

What we’re achieving together

Our Environment Fund has been helping people to enhance and protect Northland's natural environment since 1996.

Here's a snapshot of what's been achieved with the support from the Environment Fund.

Environment Fund infographic.