Waterway fencing fast-tracked : Case study

Environment Fund case study: Dave and Roz MacMillan

Support from the Environment Fund has helped Dave MacMillan fast-track waterway fencing on his sheep and beef farm along the Utakura River.

When he took on a lease of the farm in May 2015, the river was only partially fenced, says Dave.

"There's a lot to do on a new farm, but money's hard to find. The council pitched in $7000 to help with the cost of the fencing so we were able to get it done quicker."

"Applying for funding was really straightforward – I worked out what I needed for the fencing, the council had a look, sorted the paperwork, and checked back once the work was done."

Dave says along with the environmental benefits, fencing along the river has made a big difference for pasture management.

"We now have an extra six paddocks. We're seeing the long-term benefits of controlling leaching of fertiliser, and you can see the difference in the thickness of grass."

"The national cycleway runs through the farm so having it properly fenced is also good from a tourism point of view."

"We have plenty more work to do like planting natives along the river, so we'll definitely take advantage of the Environment Fund again if we can."