Kaipara Moana Remediation Programme

We are proud to be a partner in this ambitious programme to restore the health and mauri of the mighty Kaipara Moana.


A Memorandum of Understanding signed in October 2020 by the government, councils and Kaipara Uri formalised an equal partnership between Kaipara Uri and councils to undertake the Kaipara Moana Remediation Programme.

This is a $300 million, decade-long project that aims to remediate ongoing environmental degradation by halving sediment loss from land to sea. It includes $100 million in Crown funding for the first six years, through the Jobs For Nature fund.

Sediment, or eroded soil, is a ‘catch-all’ pollutant that carries with it other contaminants. Addressing sediment will offer a raft of benefits: improved freshwater quality, greater biodiversity, resilience from climate change, and carbon sequestration through tree-planting and wetland management.

Carving out new history

A remediation programme of this size and scale has never been done before in New Zealand, and it has been described as a turning point for New Zealand’s largest harbour.

It represents all parties coming together to address the siltation and degradation of the Kaipara and the biggest-ever commitment of funds to remediate that damage.

It’s a shared commitment to stop the erosion of the land which is degrading Kaipara Moana, and to begin to restore the health and mauri of this important place.

Governance and programme delivery

A joint governance committee oversees the programme, made up of made up of six Kaipara Uri representatives and six council representatives (three from Auckland Council and three from Northland Regional Council).

Kaipara Maurikura is the operational entity that has been set up to deliver on the programme.

Find out more

Find out more about the programme on the Kaipara Moana Remediation website: kmr.org.nz

View the Kaipara Moana Joint Committee meeting agendas and minutes