Your councillors

Regional councillors are your community voice. Members of the current council were elected in October 2022, and will remain in office for three years to represent the eight regional council constituencies in Northland: Bay of Islands-Whangaroa General; Coastal Central General; Coastal South General; Far North General; Kaipara General; Mid North General; Te Raki Māori; Whangārei Central General.

Although elected by individual constituencies, once sworn in, regional councillors are committed to representing the best interests of the whole of Te Taitokerau.

What constituency am I in?

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Chair Tui Shortland

Northland Regional Council Chair Tui Shortland.


Constituency | Te Raki Māori

Email: [email protected]

Deputy Chair Jack Craw 

Northland Regional Council Deputy Chair Jack Craw.


Constituency | Whangārei Central General

Email: [email protected]

Councillor Marty Robinson

Councillor Martin 'Marty' Robinson.


Constituency | Bay of Islands-Whangaroa General

Email: [email protected]

Councillor Amy Macdonald

Councillor Amy Macdonald.


Constituency | Coastal Central General

Email: [email protected]

Councillor Rick Stolwerk

Councillor Rick Stolwerk.


Constituency | Coastal South General

Email: [email protected]

Councillor Joe Carr

Councillor Joe Carr.


Constituency | Far North General

Email: [email protected]

Councillor John Blackwell

Councillor John Blackwell.


Constituency | Kaipara General

Email: [email protected]

Councillor Geoff Crawford

Councillor Geoff Crawford.


Constituency | Mid North General

Email: [email protected]

Councillor Peter-Lucas Jones

Photo pending






Constituency | Te Raki Māori

Email: [email protected]

Councillors and constituencies map

Graphic displaying images of NRC councillors with a map of constituencies.